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Custom Made Rose Heart 925 sterling silver Necklaces Sunflow - $10

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  • 18 junio, 4:08 AM
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Custom design rose gold vermeil silver necklace supplier
France customer custom silver necklace with shiny cubic zirconia
Custom Made Rose Heart 925 sterling silver Necklaces Sunflower Necklace
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Sincere love is always sensational and we are moved by it. Do you like to listen to real love story? And there real love story I have met recently on the flesh.

Smith is a businessman from France. Lately he found me to help him to design a necklace for his wife. His beautiful wife was ill and was sent to the hospital. He said that he felt guilty that he didn’t care for his wife well, and desperately blamed himself. Thus, he wanted to customize a necklace for his wife to encourage her and he hoped her would recovery from illness soon.

According to the description from Smith, JINGYING designed the sunflower necklace with double love hearts for Smith. Sunflower stands for the meaning that one should be full of sunshine to face life bravely and straightly face with obstacle, trying best to be a positive and outgoing person. While the double love hearts convey Smith deep love for his wife.

And the the double love hearts were embed with a lot of many shiny cubic zirconia. The whole 925 sterling silver necklace exceedingly attracted people eyeballs. Smith gave JINGYING inspirations to design, and he also gained the best gift in the world for his wife.

All the workers here, hope Smith wife will beat the illness sucessfully and feel better soon.

  • Precio: $10

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